Launch day is here!

Hello everyone,

I am very pleased to announce to you that today is launch day for A Sellsword’s Compassion!  It has been an interesting journey getting to this point, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without a ton of help from a ton of different people.  Thanks, of course, to all my beta readers, to my wife and family for being endlessly supportive, and to DW Hawkins for helping em navigate the pitfalls on the path to getting this book published.  DW Hawkins is a great author, and if you haven’t read any of his stuff, you’re missing out!

Also, along with the launch of A Sellsword’s Compassion, I’ve also released The Silent Blade, a Seven Virtues Novella for your reading pleasure–or so I hope!  Thank you guys for all the support you’ve given me as well and thanks for checking in!  And, as always, keep reading–there’s magic in them there books!

You can pick up your copy of A Sellsword’s Compassion or The Silent Blade by clicking on the appropriate link below!

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